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Spotlights on young entrepreneurs who achieve heights beyond their years.

Young Entrepreneurs: Aidan Dwyer and the Solar Fibonacci Secret

Many have heard about Jack Andraka and his incredible discovery to improve pancreatic cancer screening. Fewer seem to be aware of Aidan Dwyer and his inspiring new approach to solar energy. Aidan Dwyer, 13, was hiking one day and noticed the branches and leaves growing on trees seemed to be in a pattern. He wondered [...]

Young Entrepreneurs: Jack Andraka and his Pancreatic Cancer Screening Test

From time to time here at brainflash, we come across a story about a young person doing great things. We curate those stories under the heading of Young Entrepreneurs. One of President Obama’s guests at this year’s State of the Union speech was 15 year old scientist Jack Andraka, from Crownsville, Maryland. Andraka recently won [...]

How a Florida Teen is Busting Breast Cancer — With Artificial Intelligence

It sounds like something out of Back to the Future, only cooler and with fewer flux capacitors: a 17-year-old Florida girl has built a robot brain that can detect breast cancer in the human body. Winning first prize at the Google Science Fair, Brittany Wenger wanted to find a way to help doctors use the [...]

Young Entrepreneurs: 4 Teens Who Prove That Age Is Just A Number

While most teens are texting nonstop, skipping class and missing their curfews, a new crop of super-teens is busy making their way in the corporate world, using innovative ideas, niche markets and sheer dedication. Hey, just because someone is under the age of 18 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them seriously. Some teens are so [...]

Young Entrepreneurs: Sakhiwe Shongwe & Bonkhe Mahlalela

Among the 15 finalists in the Google Science Fair 2012 are two young thinkers from Swaziland who have tackled the food shortage problem in their home country. Google will announce the winner of the science fair later in July 2012, but these two have already won the inaugural Scientific American Science in Action award for [...]