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3 Myths About Your 20s that Could Affect Your Entire Life

Whether you call it Generation Y, the Golden Years or “That time that I could spent all of my money on entertainment and food,” your 20s can feel pretty great. After all, you have endless education and professional options and there’s a good chance you only have to worry about one person: Yourself. But before [...]

How to: Find Your Purpose in Life (No Big Deal)

After your best friend returns from his 18-month experience backpacking across Europe, he might tell you that he “found himself” there. But what does that even mean? While “finding yourself” might mean something different to just about everyone, finding your life’s purpose can help you zero in on what you want out of life. Whether [...]

Interview with a Medical Student: Getting into Med School

For many, a career in medicine is what they want, especially with the field having some of the top-paying jobs around. We interviewed one medical student and asked him to share his experiences about applying and going through medical school to provide some insight for those considering medicine. 1. What influenced you to choose the [...]