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Interview with a Medical Student: Getting into Med School

For many, a career in medicine is what they want, especially with the field having some of the top-paying jobs around. We interviewed one medical student and asked him to share his experiences about applying and going through medical school to provide some insight for those considering medicine. 1. What influenced you to choose the [...]

Ohio Proposes Delayed Tuition: Could it be in Your Future?

It sounds like a dream for low-income students who can’t afford college – a proposed Ohio program by which students could attend public colleges without paying tuition. Upon graduation, the student would then owe a percentage of their income for a set period of time until the tuition is effectively paid off. But some lawmakers [...]

Average College Debt? About 60 Percent of Your Annual Income

So, there you are, signing up for your student loans. As you put your name on the dotted line, you figure that it’s OK – after all, education is a smart investment and can help increase your earning potential right? Well, that may be true, but a report by Congress’ Joint Economic Committee has found [...]