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The United Kingdom Takes the Lead in Teaching Programming

In a recent article it was unveiled that the United Kingdom is overhauling part of its education curriculum for the K-12 level to include teaching programming and algorithms to children as young as five years old. The new curriculum replaces the old one known as ICT that was deemed as lacking relevance to students where [...]

5 of the Most Impressive and Outgoing High School Students of Class 2013

Age is never a restriction for success, and these five teenagers proved that with flying colors. Taking advantage of science fairs, learning new skills and other opportunities, these freshly graduated high school students are out to make the most of life in a big way. Let’s see… achieve nuclear fusion before graduation? Check. Conrad Farnsworth [...]

Traditional Classrooms Still More Popular Than Online Education… For Now

Online education is gaining momentum. And with more and more universities offering courses online, many students are taking advantage of getting their education over the internet. But even though things appear to be trending that direction, a recent survey by Millennial Branding found that out of 1,345 college students polled, nearly 78% said they still [...]

Why Aren’t Students Graduating from Community College?

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Community, you can gauge what to expect from attending a community college – cheaper tuition costs, a more flexible atmosphere and Joel McHale, naturally. But alas, in real life, community college has some serious issues that could be affecting the institution’s future. A report by the Century Foundation [...]

Technology and Education: Is it Worth it?

Cries for increasing technology result in a fierce debate that seems capable of using statistics to support both sides of the argument, leaving those that want to know the realities of incorporating technology into education frustrated and dissatisfied. It seems that the reality is much more complex than the rhetoric would have you believe, as [...]