Top 5 Weird Jobs that Pay Surprisingly Well

Hey, not everyone is cut out to be a doctor, lawyer or teacher. For some, weirdness is a way of life and oddness is A-OK. Unfortunately, when you think of weird jobs they either a) don’t pay well or b) are so obscure that only one person in the world could possibly make money doing so. Still, if you’re on the different side of original, you’re not destined to be a square peg in a round hole. Maybe these career options aren’t for everybody, but still. Check out some of the weirdest jobs available that could net you some serious cash and allow you to say “Mom, I told you so!”

Sommelier. Believe it or not, benevolence for booze could translate to a bigger bank account – drinks are on me! OK, not just any booze. If you know everything there is to know about wine, that’s where the money is. A sommelier can work for restaurants, vineyards and chefs to help pinpoint which wine would pair perfectly with just about any food, ambiance or mood. In fact, your appreciation for the “winer” things in the life could bring in anywhere from $80K to $160K, depending on your level of expertise above the basic red versus white.

Casino party dealer. So, you don’t live anywhere near Vegas, but you love to deal a hand of blackjack; what’s a gambler to do? Becoming a party dealer might help you realize your casino dreams no matter where you live. As a party dealer, you hire yourself out to casino-themed parties and deal for charity galas, private organizations and other events to bring a good time. Casino dealer salaries vary depending on the season, but one thing’s for sure; the big spenders will be handing over tips, making this weird career seriously lucrative.

Bounty hunter. Watching an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter might have you wishing for  a nice, normal 9-to-5 job, but becoming a bounty hunter is probably slightly less dramatic than what’s shown on TV. While it can still be seriously scary and intense, you’ll be paid handsomely for catching those skipping out on their bail bonds. Bounty hunters fetch anywhere from 10 to 45 percent of the owed bond, which means you could rake in upwards of $10K per nab.

Ethical hacker. Hackers in movies are always shady creatures who somehow know exactly how to change records in school systems or get into the FBI database. In real life, hackers aren’t all bad. Sure, some try and steal your passwords, but others work for actual corporations. An ethical hacker does his darndest to break into a company’s data, exposing possible breaches and holes before a bad-boy hacker does the same. And, since they’re so in demand, ethical hackers make an average of $123K for their underground behavior.

Plane repo man. What happens when the rich and famous don’t pony up the cash for their uber-luxe rides? The plane repo man comes and gets them! Seriously; a plane repo man is dispatched who knows how to handle irate customers and fly that plane right out of the hangar and back to the creditor.  Commanding a six-figure salary, this job is perfect for pilots who had to put up with fickle and wealthy passengers for far too long.

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