How Do I Become a Marketing Analyst?

How Do I Become a Marketing Analyst? The marketing analyst position is the typical entry point to the new marketing department in this decade. It’s the first step along the road to becoming a brand manager or marketing director. Most companies require a bachelor’s degree of some type for this position, although the exact degree [...]

How do I become a technical project manager?

How Do I Become A Technical Project Manager? There are generally two kinds of project managers in today’s workplace: project managers, and technical project managers. Both of these careers lead to becoming a Program Manager. While project managers may lead projects that are very technical in nature, a technical project manager has skilled deeply rooted [...]

What is a Program Manager, and how do I become one?

What is a Program Manager, and how do I become one? Program Management is the next level in the Project Manager’s career path. Most program manager jobs are found in STEM fields, and mostly in the technology sector specifically. Program managers coordinate high-level aspects of a set of related projects, rather than managing individual projects’ [...]

3 Myths About Your 20s that Could Affect Your Entire Life

Whether you call it Generation Y, the Golden Years or “That time that I could spent all of my money on entertainment and food,” your 20s can feel pretty great. After all, you have endless education and professional options and there’s a good chance you only have to worry about one person: Yourself. But before [...]

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